Crawlspace Piers

Do you have foundation cracks due to a wet crawlspace? Affordable Foundation can install crawlspace piers along with a vapor barrier to guard your home against water damage. Crawlspaces piers are designed to seal foundation cracks by installing piers deep into the ground underneath the crawlspace. They lift, support and stabilize settling crawlspaces to get your foundation back to its original position. Let Affordable Foundation be your crawlspace pier service provider for the Huntsville, AL and TN area.

For crawlspace repair, we use a helical pier system to permanently support and stabilize the foundation. We lift your home back to normal without causing disruption around your home. Steel tubes are driven through foundation brackets to reach a more suitable soil. The home’s weight is transferred from weak soil onto the piers to more suitable soil. Crawlspace piers will cure all of your settling and lift your home back to normal.


What are the Benefits of Installing Crawlspace Piers?

  • Year around installation
  • Restores home’s value
  • Heavy equipment is not required
  • Lifts and supports foundations
  • Piers are made out of galvanized steel

Contact the experts at Affordable Foundation to restore your crawlspace back to normal. We have the skills and experience to solve all of your soil-related issues. We offer free estimates for the residents in the Huntsville and Birmingham, AL area.