Crawlspace Pest Infestation

For many people, crawlspace pest infestation is their worst nightmare. There is one area of your home that may be especially prone to a bug or pest infestation – the crawlspace. Why are these critters attracted to your crawlspace? The crawlspace offers a warm, protected environment for insects, rodents, and other critters. Most crawlspaces are also very damp, dark, and filled with debris, which is the preferred habitat for several different kinds of insects and other pests.

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Whats in your Crawlspace?


Is there Rats or Mice?


Do Spiders live in there?


Is there an Ant Infestation?


Are Termites doing damage?


Do snakes live in there?


Are varmints destroying it?

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Can you locate what does not belong in this crawlspace?

Mouse In Crawlspace

There are many different types of pests that you may find in your crawlspace. Each pest can cause a danger to your crawlspace and your health. The most common types of pests that reside in crawspaces include:


Rodents such as mice or rats can squeeze themselves through tiny openings to invade your crawlspace. These critters may gnaw on your wiring and air ducts, chew up and make nests of your insulation, and can even spread diseases through their droppings.


 While a few spiders in your crawlspace is quite common, an infestation can lead to problems. Because spiders usually eat other insects, a spider infestation is often indicative of another insect infestation. In addition, some spiders bite, which can be painful, and they will cover everything in your crawlspace with their sticky webbing.


 Ants are a common insect and there are several different kinds of ants which can infest your crawlspace – black ants, carpenter ants, red ants, etc. These ants multiply fast and if they are not taken care of, they can start to infest your home as well as your crawlspace.


Perhaps the most destructive kind of pest infestation, termites can severely damage the wooden structure of your home.


Snakes easily invaed crawlspaces by entering through vents, doors, cracks in foundation blocks, vents and piping. The crawlspace is a safe environment for snakes to live as it provides dark, damp, cool area with a food supply; often rats and mice. If snakes are not removed they may decide to lay eggs in the crawlspace. 


Varmints such as skunks and racoons, often make their way inside crawlspaces. Given the environment, these animals can thrive and make their home in your crawlspace. It is a good idea to encapsulate your crawlspace in order to help prevent varmints, such as skunks, from entering your crawlspace. Once a skunk makes its home in your crawlspace, you will be in a smelly situaiton.

Termites in Crawlspace
Snake in Crawlspace

To ensure that these pests do not become a problem in your Alabama crawlspace, ensure that it is properly waterproofed or encapsulated with help from Affordable Foundation and Home Repair.

Preventing Crawlspace Pest Infestation

While you may need to contact a professional to exterminate the existing pests or insects in your crawlspace, there are some things that you can do to prevent an infestation before it happens or to prevent a re-infestation.

Reduce Moisture and Humidity

Our team can encapsulate you crawlspace using a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from getting inside. This reduces the chances that your crawlspace will become infested, as most bugs and other pests prefer a damp home.

Remove Wood or Debris

Keep your crawlspace free of debris and consider storing wood in a different location to prevent pest infestations. Call Affordable Foundation & Home Repairs today for a crawlspace clean up. 

Clean gutters and yard

Remove dead trees or stumps from the yard to ensure pests do not get too close to your crawlspace and keep gutters clean to prevent water problems and reduce pests nearby.

Remove Mulch

Try not to use mulch too close to your crawlspace, as insects and pests love to nest in and feed on mulch.

Crawlspace Vapor Barrier

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