Crawlspace Mold & Mildew

Have you been in your Crawlspace lately?

Most likely, the crawlspace of your home is a dark, damp, and largely forgotten area. The dark and moist conditions of many crawlspaces make them the perfect environments for mold growth. This may not seem like a huge concern if you rarely enter the crawlspace. However, crawlspace mold could cause issues throughout your entire home if left alone.

Most of the air in your home actually comes from the lower levels of your home – the basement or crawlspace. Because of this, mold in your crawlspace can infect the air that will later travel upwards into your living space. This mold-infected air can lead to musty odors, headaches, respiratory issues, and can also worsen allergies or asthma symptoms for you and your family.

Crawlspace vents

If your crawlspace is vented, chances are the vents are doing more harm than good.  Moisture from outside air enters the crawlspace through vents, sometimes helped along by fan systems in the vents.

humid, wet conditions

Rainy or humid weather can cause moisture to gather in your crawlspace (especially if vented). If there has been recent high humidity, check your crawlspace for humid conditions or mold growth.

Groundwater seepage

Water in the ground outside can also lead to crawlspace mold and mildew. If water seeps through the crawlspace walls, it can collect and create the essential moist conditions for mold growth.

Drainage issues

Plumbing problems or drainage leaks can also cause water to backflow into the crawlspace, causing standing water that may lead to mold and mildew formation.

Crawlspace Fungus



No matter what the cause of mold or mildew in your crawlspace, call Affordable Foundation and Home Repair for a solution today.