problems in old homesThe city of Huntsville, AL is home to four major historic districts: Twickenham, Old Town, Five Points Historic District, and Texas A&M University Historic District. The first three of these districts all fall into the 35801 zip code. Chances are, if you live in this area, you live in an older home. You probably already know that older homes tend to have their own sets of benefits and issues.

Older homes are beautiful and have a rich sense of history that newer homes lack. They can be a beautiful place to raise a family or seek out your lifelong passion. However, they also come with their own unique set of problems. Older homes tend to be drafty, they might have unfinished basements, and the room layout might be choppier than in newer homes. Usually, you can fix a lot of these problems with renovation or you can choose to leave them as is to add to the character of the home.

Structural Issues and Water Problems in Older Homes

Old homes also come with their own susceptibility to certain structural, foundation, and water problems:

  • Settlement: Older homes almost undoubtedly have some amount of settlement. Sometimes, this is normal due to the gradual compaction of soil that most homes undergo. However, it is important to have settlement looked at by a professional, especially if it is visibly noticeable and appears to be causing other issues such as cracks or sloped floors.
  • Uneven Floors: Uneven floors might be as simple as warped or improperly cut lumber. However, in many cases, sloped or uneven floors are the result of a beam and post problem in the crawlspace or basement below the house.
  • Sticking Doors and Windows: Some homeowners think that doors and windows that will not open or close are a problem that results from humidity. However, they usually are caused by foundation movement. If the foundation moved, it can cause the walls on top to shift, rotate, or crack, which can create gaps between the doors and windows and the wall that they set in, or can put pressure on the frames, causing doors and windows to stick open or shut.
  • older house foundation and interior issuesCracks: You might see cracks throughout your older home – in the drywall, ceiling, exterior foundation, basement, etc. House foundation cracks are a serious issue and should not be ignored. Hairline cracks are usually not a structural issue but any cracks larger than 1/16 inch may be a more serious matter. Horizontal wall cracks and vertical cracks that extend from the ceiling to the wall might also be signs of foundation settlement or movement.
  • Leaks: If there are cracks in your home, there might also be leaks. Basement cracks, floor cracks, and gaps around windows or doors are some common leaky areas in homes. Roof or fireplace leakage might also be issues, and can sometimes be the result of foundation failure.
  • Termite Damage: If your basement or crawlspace is damp or musty, it might be the perfect habitat for termites. These critters can wreak havoc on your home. If you have wooden supports in your crawlspace or basement, or if you have wooden framing or flooring, check for signs of a termite problem.
  • Mold and Mildew: Any dampness in the basement or crawlspace can also contribute to the growth of mold and mildew. This can greatly reduce the air quality in your home since the mold-infected air from your basement or crawlspace will cycle through the rest of your home. Check for visible mold, musty odors, condensation, high humidity, and other signs of dampness.
  • Poor Drainage: Many older homes have inadequate drainage systems and are susceptible to flooding during heavy rains or when plumbing problems occur. Having your drainage systems updated is a simple way to protect your home.

How We Fix Foundation Issues in Older Huntsville Homes

Fortunately, Affordable Foundation and Home Repair offers a range of different services that can help repair problems in your historic Huntsville home. Our team is dedicated to making your home good as new. We also offer free estimates and financing options to fit your budget.

If your home is suffering from a structural issue such as foundation settlement, wall movement, or uneven floors, our foundation repair techniques can help. We offer pier installation to lift and support sinking unstable foundations.

If your older home has a crawlspace with a moisture issue or a termite problem, we can help. We offer floor supports, floor joist repair, and crawlspace piers to stabilize your home from underneath. We also offer crawlspace encapsulation with a vapor barrier to protect the crawlspace from moisture.

Some problems in older homes might extend to areas beyond the house, such as the chimney or the patio. In addition to piering, we offer polyjacking to lift concrete slabs and close cracks that might have opened up.

If there are cracks in your home, we are the experts. We can fix both interior and exterior cracks with one of our repair techniques. Whether we need to raise concrete with polyjacking to close basement cracks or straighten bowing walls to fix wall cracks, we can handle the necessary repairs.

If your home has poor drainage or a lack of adequate waterproofing systems, we can help. We offer surface drainage as well as exterior and interior waterproofing system installation. From sump pumps to French drains, we can handle waterproofing.

Mold and mildew in your home is another serious issue that we can tackle. We specialize in mold soda blasting to remove mold from your basement or crawlspace and leave the area sparkling clean.

Contact us right away for help with problems in an older home in Huntsville, AL and get a free estimate on repairs. We offer expert house foundation repair solutions for your home in Huntsville or other parts of Alabama.