Chimney Problems

Having Problems with your Chimney?


is your chimney leaning


do you have gaps around chimney


water leaking around it


floors unlevel around it

Leaning Chimney

What Causes Chimney Problems?

poorly designed footing

poor soil

water erosion

tree roots

There are many reasons that can contribute to a leaning chimney.

Poor Soil. This can cause a chimney to sink or settle due to inability to retain composure during excessive moisture.
Undersized Footing. If a footer is prepared too small during the construction of the chimney, this can affect the stability of the chimney.
The weight of the bricks can cause the pad or chimney footing to settle.
Footing Depth. If the chimney footing is in shallow soil, there is a greater risk for the chimney to fail. Shallow soil retains more moisture compared to soil that is further down.
Missing or damaged footing. If the chimney is damage or missing the structure of the chimney may be compromised.
Chimney Repair Solutions




Chimney Repair Solutions

If you notice your chimney tilting or if chimney cracks appear, call Affordable Foundation and Home Repair immediately. One of our professionals can give you a free inspection and discuss chimney repair solutions with you.

A leaning or tilting chimney can be a sign of serious foundation settlement. If the situation is ignored, a potentially dangerous situation could rise. If the chimney has pulled away from the home, the following could occur:

Water and pests can enter the home and cause further destruction of the interior of the home.
Dangerous gases can be leaking into the home through chimney lining cracks.
Chimney brick and mortar cracks can lead to falling bricks, thus causing potential harm to those around the area.
Leaning chimneys can fall on the structure of the home and not only damage the structural integrity of the home, but also cause harm to people and contents inside the home.

One of the most common methods of repairing a leaning chimney in Alabama and Tennessee is the use of helical piers. The piers are giant screws that are driven deep into the soil, creating a secure anchor. The piers are attached with a bracket and the chimney is righted using hydraulic jacks. Once the chimney is square again, the jacks are removed and your home is structurally sound once again. For chimney repair in Huntsville, AL. contact our experts today. We provide effective repair solutions for all your foundation needs.