Beam and Post Problems

Solutions for Beam and Post Issues in Alabama

No matter what is causing the beams and posts in your crawlspace or basement to fail structurally, it is important to have them repaired as soon as possible. The sooner you have the issue repaired, the less chance there is that the problem will worsen and require a more extensive and expensive repair solution. We offer various solutions for beams and posts issues:

Floor Supports

If your crawlspace is suffering from settlement that is affecting the supportive posts, Samson floor supports can help. These support posts are installed in the crawlspace to lift the home above and restore the necessary support for the foundation and can be adjusted to provide the right amount of lift and stabilization.

Floor Joist Repair

If water damage or other types of damage are causing the floor joists in your crawlspace to fail, floor joist repair may be necessary. We provide Samson floor joists to support and stabilize your structure.

Crawlspace Vapor Barrier

If there is water leaking into your crawlspace, you may need a vapor barrier. These barriers are made of polyurethane sheeting and installed along the interior crawlspace walls and help to keep out water seepage and vapor, reducing moisture.

Basement Waterproofing

Water seepage can also be corrected using exterior or interior waterproofing. Another option used to prevent water intrusion is crawlspace encapsulation.

This can help to prevent rot, mold growth, and rust formation.

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If you see gaps between the walls and floor of your home or notice sloped floors, you should check your crawlspace. Structural issues in the crawlspace such as leaning, bent, or curved beams or posts can lead to sloped floors, gaps, and other structural issues. In many cases, these problems are caused by foundation settlement or sinking. Fixing beam and post problems will ensure that structural problems in your home are fixed at the source, preventing them from re-occurring. 

When your foundation settles, it causes the basement or crawlspace floor to sink as well. This can result in inadequate support for the beams and posts that hold up the above structure. As this happens, the beams may become curved or bowed, and the posts might bend or lean. This can make it difficult to support the floor and home above. When this happens, gaps may open between the floor and walls of the home or other building and the floor may become sloped or uneven.

Basement water can also cause beams and posts to become unstable. If there is a lot of moisture in your basement, the water can start to rot wooden supports or rust metal supports. If this damage becomes severe enough, it will cause the beams to bend and the posts to lean or become curved. 

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