Basment Mold Remediation

When most people think of basement mold, they imagine dark, musty smelling basements with visible mold all over the bare concrete walls. However, in many cases, basement mold is more inconspicuous. Because mold might grow on the insulation or behind the drywall in your basement, it may not be immediately noticeable. That is why it is important to know the symptoms related to a mold problem in your home, and how you can start basement mold remediation.

Basement Mold on Block Wall

These are just a few of the health symptoms that can result from a mold issue in your basement. Mold spores from basement mold can enter the air in the basement, which then circulates through the entire house. This means that even if you do not spend a lot of time in the basement, basement mold can lead to poor health conditions for you and your family.

If you or another member of your family has been experiencing any of the following symptoms, there may be a mold problem in your basement call us today or click the link below:


Fatigue or Weakness

Joint stiffness or pain

Sinus congestion

Coughing or Wheezing

Red or watery eyes

Metallic taste in mouth

Steps for Basement Mold Remediation in Alabama Homes

There are a few important steps to getting rid of mold in your Alabama basement.

Mold Inspection

First, the home must be inspected for signs of mold. Our team is trained to find not only mold in your basement, but also the source of the mold problem. We will figure out where the excess moisture that is causing the mold growth is coming from to help eliminate mold completely.

Mold Remediation

For mold removal in Alabama basements and crawlspaces, we use a technique called mold soda blasting. In this technique, baking soda is blasted at a high pressure onto the mold-infected areas. This abrasive process cleans mold from the surfaces in your basement and disinfects at the same time.


Once all traces of mold are gone, it is important to fix the source of the mold issue so that it does not return. We offer a number of basement waterproofing services that help keep your home mold and moisture free. To learn more about our mold removal services, contact Affordable Foundation and Home Repair right away.