Foundation Crumbling, Chipping & Flaking

crumbling, chipping, and flaking concrete slab foundation crumblingA crumbling foundation may be more than just unsightly, it may be an early warning that you have other foundation issues. An inspection by a professional from Affordable Foundation and Home Repair can determine if your home in Tennessee or Alabama is just in need of a cosmetic face-lift or if there are serious structural issues occurring behind the scenes.

Flaking concrete is usually just a sign that the concrete is getting old, but just like everything else, if your concrete is getting old, then there may be underlying issues developing. Crumbling, chipping and flaking are the “aches and pains” of aging concrete and can be symptomatic of a bigger issue.

Water can be a big problem when it comes to foundations. Too much or too little can be a foundation’s biggest headache. Another factor in a chipping or flaking foundation is the quality of the concrete when it was poured. For example, it may have been mixed poorly or perhaps the concrete froze before setting. These causes usually have a small impact on the integrity of the concrete and can be easily repaired. However, if you notice chipping, flaking or crumbling in conjunction with other issues, you may have a serious problem in the making.

Fix Your Crumbling, Chipping, or Flaking Foundation

Acting quickly once you see the signs of a deteriorating foundation is the key to keeping your costs down and maintaining the structural integrity of your home. If you experience leaning or cracked walls, sticky windows or doors, wet basements or uneven floors, it is important that you get a professional opinion as quickly as possible.

Our team of experts at Affordable Foundation and Home Repair use the latest technology to bring you peace of mind with the knowledge that your home is once again stable. We offer foundation repair solutions such as helical pier installation and polyjacking to lift and stabilize concrete slabs. We also offer waterproofing to prevent water damage such as flaking concrete. Contact us today if you have foundation crumbling, chipping and flaking in your Birmingham or Huntsville, AL home.