Floor Supports

graphic of floor support beam installed in crawlspaceSettlement and sagging beams can cause a number of structural issues in your home’s crawlspace. When crawlspaces are constructed, they play an integral part of the load-bearing structure so the crawlspace needs to be properly designed and include floor supports to prevent foundation failure.

This could lead to structural problems over time. Fortunately, we offer Samson floor supports to stabilize and lift weak floor joists or beams in your crawlspace. This system rests on a concrete base. Steel columns are used to secure the base and the beam. They can be adjusted to support the structure above. They are also designed to raise and restore the floors and walls back to their original level.

What are the Benefits of Floor Supports?

Floor supports are used for crawlspace repair because they provide numerous benefits such as:

  • Quick installation
  • Restores sloping and uneven floors
  • Prevents cracks and sagging beams
  • Can be used for tight places
  • Can support heavy vertical loads

Affordable Foundation and Home Repair can handle all of your crawlspace repairs. Our floor supports can restore your sloping floors by lifting them back to their original level. Contact us today if you need a free estimate for your home in Huntsville, Birmingham and the surrounding area.