Floor Joist Repair

What is a floor joist?

Crawlspace floor joist acts as a horizontal plane that runs from wall to wall, wall to beam or beam to beam. They help support main floors above the crawlspace. They are usually made of concrete, steel or wood. If you have moisture in your crawlspace, wooden beams are more susceptible to water damage and could encounter serious issues such as expansion and contraction. Steel floor joists are less likely to expand and contract so they won’t warp or crack. Call Affordable Foundation & Home Repair today for floor joist repair!

What floor joist issues can be repaired?

Damaged floor joist can encounter many issues that require immediate repairs. You can experience bouncy floors, sagging or heaving. The floors may even squeak or buckle. This can leave gaps between your floors and your walls. Our team of experts can locate the source of your floor problems to permanently repair them. We can repair the following issues:new floor joist installed in crawlspace ceiling for floor joist repair

  • Wood rot
  • Termite damage
  • Sagging floor joists
  • Sinking floor between floor joists
  • Over-spanned floor joists
  • Low spots in the floors

How is it fixed?

If your floor joists are damaged due to moisture exposure, we can install a new floor joist. We also offer encapsulation to keep moisture away from your crawlspace. We can firmly attach a “sister board” to another board that is the same length or larger size to the damaged joint. Bouncy floors are stiffened by raising the floor back to its original height, remove the obstructions, prep the sister board and attach the sister board. Floor supports to lift and stabilize sinking and sagging floor joists. We use reliable Samson floor joists to provide support that reverses floor sagging.

Floor joist repair will benefit you by:

  • Stiffening bouncy floors
  • Being a simple, easy fix that prevents further damage
  • Strengthening and supporting floors for a safe home
  • Preventing structural damage

Other waterproofing companies will not address all of the issues with floor joist repair. Affordable Foundation has the years of experience in replacing joists and supporting settling floors. Our team knows how to repair a floor joist to restore the structural integrity of your floors. Contact Affordable Foundation today and get a free estimate. We proudly serve Huntsville, Birmingham and the surrounding area.