Crawlspace Waterproofing

Why Do I Have Water In My Crawl Space?

There are 3 main sources of water in a crawl space; plumbing leaks, groundwater, and excessive rainfall. Water evaporates causing humidity which can lead to mold, wood rot, mildew, increased electricity bill and a cool/damp environment for pests to reside. The Source: Soil absorbs and retains moisture often causing moisture to reside on the surface and form puddles. Foundation blocks also often allow moisture to seep through the porous holes. 

How Do I Get Rid of Crawl Space Water?

Laying a cheap vapor barrier or plastic in your crawl space or installing a sump pump alone will not eliminate your crawl space water problems. In many causes, a plastic that is not properly installed will allow water to sit on top of the plastic – still creating the humid environment. 

Why Should I Waterproof my Crawl Space?

Crawl space moisture creates a hazardous environment. Air that comes through your home, starts from the bottom and comes up through the home. This means that the air in your crawl space is filtered throughout your home. If you or someone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma it may be time to waterproof your crawl space. 

How We Waterproof

Step 1

Hand excavate around the interior perimeter and install EzFlow piping along the inside of the footer. Cover the EzFlow pipe with dirt and level out the ground. 

Step 2 

Dig a hole in the crawl space a the lowest point and install a sump pump basin. Connect the EzFlow pipe to basin to allow for water to flow into the basin. Install gravel around the basin, so groundwater can easily drain into the drain. 

Step 3 

Install a sump pump into basin with an automatic float switch to pump water out. Plumb 1 1/2” PVC pipe to pump to carry water out of the crawl space. 

Step 4 

Core drill a hole into ground and install a pop up emitter that is flush with the ground. This will allow water to drain only when pump is on and closed when not in use.

wet, flooded crawlspace in need of crawlspace waterproofingInsect infestations, water damage, and musty odors are just a few signs of water-related issues that affect crawlspaces. If your home has water in the crawlspace, hire a professional to assess your crawlspace before water destroys your home’s structure. Affordable Foundation and Home Repair offers professional crawlspace waterproofing for homes in the Huntsville and Birmingham, AL area.

What is crawlspace waterproofing? It is a waterproofing method that is designed to prevent water damage and excess moisture. It can also reduce mold growth and foundation failure to keep your home in good condition. Since crawlspaces are located underneath homes, air circulates throughout the home. If mold grows in the crawlspace, it could affect the overall air quality of the home causing serious health issues for your family. To combat this, we offer soda blasting for mold removal. Moisture also affects pipes, ductwork and insulation in the crawlspace. Crawl space sealing is an option.

Advantages of Crawlspace Waterproofing

Waterproofing a crawl space involves a number of methods to prevent moisture and humidity buildup. We offer sump pumps and vapor barriers to keep your crawlspace dry. Sump pumps are used to pump water away from the home. A sump pump in a crawl space is a great way to dry out the area. Vapor barriers consist of a plastic sheeting in the crawlspace to prevent moisture from building up beneath the home, effectively sealing your crawlspace.

Crawlspace waterproofing materials that we use include:

  • Ezflow drainage pipe
  • Zoeller sump pumps
  • Jackel sump basins
  • 1 1/2″ PVC pipe to discharge water out of home
  • NDS Pop-Up emitter

Homeowners may benefit from wet crawlspace flooding by cleaning gutters on a daily basis. Remove leaves and debris to allow water to redirect water away from the home. Install the proper downspout extensions to prevent pooling water in your yard. If you don’t want groundwater in your crawlspace, that’s a great place to start.

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