Look for Floor Joist Problems in Your Alabama Home Sinking, sloping floors are a real possibility in your home. In many cases, a sinking or uneven floor in your home is the result of floor joist problems. The floor joist is the supportive structure that holds up your entire home. If this structure becomes unstable, […]

Necessity of Decatur, Alabama Sump Pumps in Wet Weather So far this summer, Alabama has had its fair share of rainy days. The upcoming forecast for the Decatur, AL area appears to continue this trend. During long periods of wet, rainy weather, it is important to take the necessary measure to protect your home. Poor […]

Crawlspace Humidity Problems Are you looking for ways to make your home safer and healthier? If so, be sure not to neglect the crawlspace – the air you breathe throughout the home comes from the crawlspace, making proper crawlspace care instrumental for a healthy living space. One of the most important things to consider in […]

Mold Soda Blasting Is your crawlspace or attic damp and humid? Have you noticed musty odors in your home? If so, you may have a mold problem. This is a serious issue, as mold spores in any area of your home can infect the air that you and your family breathes. In most cases, mold […]

Alabama Crack Repair by “The Crack Guys” Both exterior and interior cracks can be signs of a more serious underlying structural issue and indicate a need for professional crack repair. Here are some of the types of cracks that you might see in the exterior areas of your home and the problems that may be […]

Affordable Foundation & Home Repair is a family owned and operated company. We have been proudly serving Alabama and southern Tennessee for over 20 years. Our service area includes the cities of Decatur, Huntsville, Gadsden, Birmingham and the surrounding area.

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